Top Ten: You mean, this isn’t about books?

The Broke and the Bookish brings you Top Ten Tuesday once again! This time it’s “Top Ten Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN’T about Books.” This could be a little rough, but let’s get to it.

Himmapaan’s art. A sample.

1.)’s an art website, so you’re not really “reading” the site. But it’s a community or artists (sometimes writers post poetry or short stories there) but by definition it’s an art site. You can post your work there, get exposure in a youtube sort of way, and connect with others with similar interests. I don’t have much art up, but it’s really cool to connect with people. There’s one person I follow on there,, who does illustrations for books. While I was in England, I saw one of her book covers in a store window in Oxford. It was so cool!

2.)’s a webcomic set

Lackadaisy Cats
 in the 1920’s during prohibition…with cats. The once successful Lackadaisy speakeasy begins to see hard times once it’s previous owner mysteriously dies, leaving the establishment to his sweet-as-cream with a dark side widow. The story follows the adventurous and klutzy Rocky and his skittish but gun-happy cousin Freckle as they try to help the struggling Lackadaisy and those who have found their home there. While the story really hasn’t gone much of anywhere yet, the characters are a lot of fun, so it has kept me reading.

3.)’m not as on top of things in the world as I’d like to be, but I read the news. Drudge has a wide variety of stories that it gets from a lot of different sources. Not only does it keep me aware, reading the news helps me come up with stories. It’s happened more than once.

4.) Postsecret-Lame? Yes, because I spend my time looking at other people’s secrets…which sounds a lot cooler than it is in this particular instance.

5.) pretty much sums up my life at the moment. So average that I pass the time reading about how average other people’s lives are. I need to not do that. Let’s not be average, Anna.

You know, like numchuck skills, survival skills, archery skills

6.) Google-Yes! For all the random little things. I like to pretend that I know a lot. And I have dreams of having cool skills like archer, survival skills, horseback riding, knowing how to tie a tie, juggling, guitar playing, etc. Or I can look up random facts. For example, wearing yellow on camera makes you look bigger, but wearing green makes you look smaller. Yup. I looked that up just now. That’s how great it is. And I can look up all of this stuff on one website…does a search engine count as a website?

7.) love looking at the clothes. I’ve never actually bought something from here, and half the stuff isn’t my style. But I do enjoy it. I really want to browse now…

8.)’m excited. About this movie. It’s based on a book, but it’s not technically about a book. This is the official blog on the production of The Hobbit.

9.) don’t go on here all that much, but I’ll admit it, I think some of those jokes are hilarious: What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? The Holocaust.

I’m a horrible person.

10.)’m not a crafty person, but this site compiles a lot of neat blogs and sites that have crafts and more. Some of them I even consider doing. Which is pretty great.

So that’s my top ten of this Tuesday. I need to come up with some of my own blog memes. And post more regularly. If you liked this, you should subscribe to me! Even if you didn’t like it, please subscribe? I have no shame; I’ll beg.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten: You mean, this isn’t about books?

  1. Awesome list! i love that you got outside the box and didn’t fill it with the usual pinterest, flicker and facebook. (Google is awesome enough that it doesn’t count)

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