Are you at the publishing stage yet? If so, good for you! You’re super cool and now my role model. Probably not really. But I thought this was a helpful way to at least know what to expect on a basic level.

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What Publishers Want Writers To Know

Want to get published? Many writers these days choose to self-publish their work, but having your work published by an established publishing company generally carries more weight with reviewers, bookstores, and other readers. Here are some tips for writers from publishers themselves, starting with the most

1. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. And show your work to someone you trust to give you honest advice. Is your novel or story or essay interesting? Well written? Original? What should be changed? What should be added or cut? Or should the manuscript, sadly, be put out of its misery altogether? (Don’t despair: You can write

2. Research publishers. Before you submit a manuscript to a particular publisher, ask yourself: Is this publisher a good fit for my work? Check the publisher’s website to see representative titles and gauge what general audience the publisher targets. It’s also a good idea to read lots of works…

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