What a World

I recently started watching five-year-olds at a daycare for 40 hours a week. With pay (not much, but some). It’s not my most favorite job, but it beats working at Walmart, and I can actually use my imagination a little bit. You’d think working with kids would help writing a children’s book. It hasn’t really worked out that way, really. That’s mostly because I I’m so pooped when I get home all I want to do is vegetate. You spend half your time running around the playground as the tickle-monster and the other half trying to get kids to listen. I think the latter is even more exhausting.

So this kid’s book. Yeah. It’s great. Except I need to illustrate it too. That’s half the fun, but it’s also most of the work. And it’s hard to make myself do it because 1.) I lack confidence in my skill and 2.) I constantly worry about layout on the page, colors, drawing style, etc. Two very related things. And are squirrels and raccoons cliched? Yes. Yes they are.

Anyway, I want to start having something to show you on here in the way of drawings once a week. But it’s hard when you’re working with kids for 40 hours, doing an unpaid, long-distance internship with a small, independent publishing house, trying to write the book itself, keeping yourself healthy (or working on it), while continuing to maintain human social functions. So when I do eventually get pictures up, I’m looking forward to your input.


2 thoughts on “What a World

  1. I’m kind of failing at everything I planned to do this summer. Except for my job. I want to run, but it’s been so hot out, and after working outside for 8 hours, running is the last thing I want to do. I should have done it today when it was cooler, but I kind of forgot. And what with being so tired, I put off writing. And I’m supposed to be storyboarding too, and I’ve only gotten a few pages of that done because it takes me so stinkin’ long for some reason. I’m mostly focusing on that now, but it makes me feel like I have homework all over again. *sigh* So, I quite understand your predicament, but I do look forward to whatever progress you post.

    1. 🙂 Me too. At least it’s up on my computer now. One of the pics. Just one…But I’m on chapter 3! Writing a children’s book rough draft shouldn’t take this long. And I fail at exercise. And eating right. I read a book in one day though. That was interesting. And I’ve been thinking about the blog. Sot that’s…ok.

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