I’m going to Grandma’s house this weekend! I didn’t realize until the last few years of my life just how funny she is. Before, she was just, well, Grandma. She was there and she was old. As I’ve gotten older myself, I’ve realized how much personality she has. We basically had a sleepover the last time I was at her house. We talked late into the night; the woman giggled. It was the cutest derned thing.

Anyway, after both watching and reading The Help, my desire to interview my granny about her life has increased, and I’ll finally get the chance this weekend. At least, I hope. It’s possible that there will be too many distractions, as I have a lot of questions. So, we’ll see how that goes! I’ll put an excerpt on here when I get the chance.

P.S. I’m being slow about the “This Little Pig” post response. Oddly, daycare nap-time isn’t the best place to get work done. You’d think it would be, but it’s not.


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