Your Face Is Freelance


This coming semester, I’ll be freelance writing for World on Campus, the online news source for World Magazine. I wasn’t exactly sure how it happened until I took part in the conference call the organization held for all the aspiring freelancers. They were answering questions and telling me and fourteen or so other people what they expected of us. It was then that I both realized that World on Campus is with World Magazine and remembered that I had emailed them about freelancing about three months ago. Better late than never.

So we’ll see how that goes.

Some benefits of freelancing:

1.) You are basically your own boss

2.) You can travel as you write

3.) Your article might require you to travel

4.) While it’s competitive, a lot of freelancers get a decent paycheck from their experience and their relationships with various organizations

5.) It sounds awesome

6.) It’s a great thing to do on the side while you’re working on something else, be it a book, your day-job, your mom or dad duties, your education, etc.

7.) You can write about what you’re interested in

8.) Way more free time

9.) You get a wide variety of stories, people, places, etc.

10.) (enter benefits here)

There are a lot more, but you can fill in the blanks.

Also, for some reason, when I think of the word freelance I think of a telescope. Or something pointy.


2 thoughts on “Your Face Is Freelance

  1. Enjoyed this, then got to the end and your comment about freelance being a telescope or something pointy and you made me laugh. I see a guy behind bars, a bit like Free Willie.

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