An Open Letter to Open Letters


Dear Open Letters,

I bet you never get mail. I know you’re pretty busy, what with all the work you’ve been putting into the internet the past months. But just as you’ve called out Miley and the Biebermeister in your concern (which I’ve agreed with), and also played devil’s advocate (“ain’t no thang, Bieber and Miley”), to name a very few bits of your work I’ve seen this year and last, I wanted to let you know that you’re wearing yourself out. You need a break (and I need one too). All this work without actually swaying opinions! I understand, more followers on twitter and blogs is great, but I think it’s time for a vacation. 

Once again, thanks for your work swaying the masses. But it’s time to rest. You’re too old for this. Seriously. Quit while you’re ahead.




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